The NUNII adventure originated with 2 professionals, one Irish, one French with over 20 years international experience in the international medical device, formulation and pharmaceutical industry; armed with their audacity and shared desire to “shake up the industry”, in particular the global skin lightening market. And how did they plan to do this? By bringing a long awaited, true scientific innovation, based on a fundamental research programme with INSERM, on the mechanisms behind skin pigmentation. A simple user-friendly solution to target skin pigmentation problem which counts for up to 70% of consultations with aesthetic medicine doctors; yet one for which for past two decades had seen no real innovation.

From this winning partnership, the NUNII concept and the company naturally followed. Almost 2 years later, NUNII Laboratoire has brought to the International aesthetic market, a range of professional and homecare dermo-cosmetic skin lightening products which meet and exceed the demands and needs of the women and men who wish to have a healthy beautiful skin.

This wish and the experience of Marine A., a young French mother of 23 years of age living on the French Riviera, is typical of that shared by thousands of women worldwide. In early 2016 she gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy, she found herself coping with the distress of a facial hormonal melasma which appeared during the 2nd semester of her pregnancy but which persisted after the birth despite. She was extremely self-conscious of her dark skin spots which impacted negatively on her self- esteem, only adding to the stress of adapting to life as a first time young mother. Marine spent hours every day reapplying make-up to try to camouflage her skin to feel normal again. She had high hopes in a topical-based treatment prescribed by her dermatologist in the spring of 2017, which comprised of 2 different creams, which she diligently applied daily on her skin for three months. To her big disappointment by the end of the three months there was no significant visible improvement in her skin.

Marine recalls quite vividly « I had such high hopes and I went through a very constraining protocol, which caused a lot of redness and irritation. In the end I had to face the fact that these creams weren’t making any visible improvement to the dark spots on my face, the only dent it made was to my wallet. These creams cost me a small fortune !. I said to myself is this it? Is my skin going to be like this forever I’m only 23 ».

For the dermatology experts at NUNII professionals, one of the probable explanations behind the experience of Marine, is due to the fact that the active ingredients of the majority of depigmenting creams only target one of the causes of hyperpigmentation, the tyrosinase enzyme; which is only one of the mechanisms in the melanogentic pathway (the formation of pigmentation in the skin).

The world exclusive, uniq White patented complex developed by Nunii, is the first on the market to provide a global action on the main biological mechanisms responsible for skin pigmentation. The Uniq-White system is designed to depigment, repair, regenerate, soothe and protect the skin. The Uniq White System formulations are specifically formulated to respect sensitive skin by excluding controversial and irritating ingredient ingredients.

Marine heard about Nunii from a friend living in the USA who had a good experience with the treatment. Available only on prescription, via medical physicians, and not on sale on the internet, Marine consulted her dermatologist again, who prescribed her the NUNII uniq-white system, this time she didn’t want to get her hopes too high. But to her delight the treatment quickly showed the first visible results on her skin after a month, with no redness or discomfort. Even before she had completed the full 2 month protocol friends and family were already starting to complement Marine on how radiant her skin looked. In her Marine’s own words “it really gave my confidence a boost, finally there was hope and a light at the end of the tunnel, now not only did I feel like the luckiest mum in the world but I finally I felt like myself again, still young with glowing skin again and ready to face the world again”

Marine’s dermatologist did warn her that as this hormonal pigmentation had now set in she would have to take extra care of her skin from now on keep the pigmentation at bay and prevent it from reoccurring. He recommended a full Uniq-White treatment protocol once or twice per year and to apply a maintenance lightening cream such as EVENLITE Radiance Complex all year round, and very importantly SPF 15 during the day to help prevent further UV damage.