This week, we are proud to showcase one of NUNII’s significant partners ; the French Banque Publique d’Investissement, or BPI France, which is backing NUNII Laboratoire in the expansion of its activities allowing the company to gain an ever-stronger foothold in the sector of dermo-cosmetic treatments and products.

. This financial institution allows for some of the most cutting-edge French companies to develop their business activity, strengthen their know-how, joining a pool of highly promising French organizations which rival those in the Silicon Valley, USA.

As of the early stages of its creation, it was evident for the founders of NUNII that BPI France, represents an ideal partner and ally in the financing of its Research and Development projects and international development. BPI France holds a large-scale range of strategic and financial tools that NUNII has benefited from greatly. The support and contribution of BPI France to NUNII’s development strategy has brought considerable credibility and expertise to NUNII since its creation.

BPI France is a state-funded organization whose goal is to provide funding to promising companies in France. BPI’s strong regional presence throughout France allows it to remain close to the needs of young entrepreneurs and to support high potential start-up companies such as NUNII.

The French Public Investment bank’s main objectives are to assist and support French companies, ranging from small to medium enterprises all the way up to mid-size companies. BPI France supports companies throughout their early existence. BPI prominently orients its investment priorities towards strategic business sectors, markets and niches: including: the health sector, digital transformation, sustainable development, renewable energies, biotechnologies, and development of social and solidarity economy, to name but a few.

BPI France boasts seasoned expertise in the fields of corporate networking, mentoring and training and provides funding in many forms, depending on the nature, scope and potential of the projects and companies involved.

In 2016 BPI allocated a total of 8.4M€ in grants,15M € in long and medium term corporate financing, 1.3M€ in Innovation funding and 1.4M€ in direct investment, while 199M€ was invested in in subscriptions for industrial project organizations. These significant budgets make BPI France an invaluable partner for any promising company with a need to accelerate its development.

According to a 2016 Bloomberg annual survey, France has moved back up 2 points, from 11th to 9th position in the ranking of the most innovating countries worldwide, ranking France just ahead of the United States. Everyone in NUNII wishes to warmly thank BPI France for its unwavering support during the entire duration of the organization’s creation and early development ; BPI France has been – and remains – one of the key partners of NUNII in its outstanding development as a cutting-edge organization in the sector of dermo-cosmetics and has greatly contributed to enhance its national and international profiles.