TH E  UNIQ – WHITE ® SYSTEM is a unique professional system used exclusively by dermatologists and doctors and clinically proven to treat lentigo, melasma and skin spots.

SKIN hyperpigmentation with solar lentigo, ephelids and melisma remain a frequent reason for consultations in my outpatient dermatology clinic. This problem, which has a serious social impacts on patient’s lives, has continually led to therapeutic innovations. Until today, however, these advances have not been completely satisfactory. Research and development at Nunii Laboratories has clearly identified the mechanism by which spots on the skin are formed and deposited. This has allowed offering a targeted, unique and sui generis therapy: the UNIQ-whiteR system protocol. It is an ambulatory and home therapy that involves four outpatient sessions in a medical office and a product kit for home use. This protocol is innovatory in that it involves ingredients that have been found to block melanogenesis, the process which causes spot formation on the skin at different levels. Its active ingredients work synergistically, ensuring a total blocking of hyperpigment formation.


A better understanding of the biochemistry of melanogenesis reveals a number of options to reduce melanin production at different stages.

The Uniq-whiteR system includes a complex of lightening agents that acts at the melanocyte level by

  • Inhibiting the activation of melanocytes such as undecylenoylphenylalanine.
  • Inhibiting the maturation of tyrosinase and decreasing MITF gene expression regulation by decreasing factors such as resveratrol.
  • Directly inhibiting tyrosine-si with an antioxidant such as ethyl ascorbic acid, a competition-active inhibitor such as alpha-arbutin and a noncompetitive inhibitor such as glabridine. Adding to these ingredients, the Uniqwhite R system complex also contains ingredients that act at the keratinocyte level in two different ways:
  • Accelerating epidermal turnover by involving, for example, mandelic acid, salicylic acid and retinol.
  • Inhibiting inflammation with a glycyrretinic acid known as Exonolone.


The Uniq-whiteR system is the first protocol on the market to combine a single synergistic complex of active ingredients that comprehensively acts on the main biological mechanisms causing skin pigmentation.

1) The depigmenting Uniq-White® Expert Pigment Corrector (patent pending) is a professional booster combining a complex of active ingredients in their purest and most effective form. It affects the main stages of the melanogenesis mechanism. –

2) Repairing and regenerating UNIQWhite® Revitactiv Energizing Moisturizer contains an effective repairing and regenerating complex that helps reduce free radical damage and revitalise the skin. – Dermatologically tested, it strengthens the natural protective layer of skin cells and intensively nourishes the skin. –

3) Soothing and protective Nunii® Laboratories Inrecov Sooth & Protect SPF has a unique ingredient complex that helps reduce redness, soothe skin irritation and optimise skin recovery. – Formulated with wide spectrum SPF 15, it protects against UVA rays and HEV light to help prevent sun-related discolouration and spotting. –


The standard protocol consists of four outpatient sessions spaced two weeks apart (for a total of two months of therapy). – Each session consists of two phases. The first involves the application of a combined keratolytic surface peeling, allowing the acceleration of cell turn over and spot fading. The second phase consists of the application of “expert pigment corrector, a transparent occlusive mask containing patented ingredients.

Dr Samer Jalbout – Dermatologist in Bologna (Italy)