Co-founders of nunii Laboratoire

This month, we at NUNII have thought of focusing on one of the key players in the history and development of NUNII, one of the co-founders, Mr François MONTCRIOL. This interview gives an insight into one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the dermo-cosmetics sector right now in French Provence.

Reporter : Mr. MONTRCRIOL, could you describe your specific personal background ?

F.MONTCRIOL : Before founding NUNII, I worked extensively in the fields of dermatology, cosmetic molecules and ingredient research. I also worked in the pharmaceutical industry on international projects which directly contributed to the growth and development of those companies.

Reporter : As one of the 2 co-founders of NUNII Laboratoire, and CIO( Chief Innovation Officer) , how do you organize your work, and what are your responsibilities within the company ?

F.MONTCRIOL : My day always starts with the same ritual ; I go over my incoming emails and establish priorities in handling them depending on the type of issues that need to be dealt with. I also decide which priorities I need to address with my team members throughout the day. No two days are the same : between managing and dealing with the current and upcoming business issues and existing  R&D projects and also managing our next generation innovations, my tasks are always very diversified and constantly evolving.

Regarding innovation per se in the company, it is a complex process and innovation doesn’t depend solely on any single individual within the company. Over and beyond pure research, innovation is the fruit of close collaboration between all the departments in NUNII and our business partners. My responsibilities involve setting the pace and managing our current and future innovation development projects, identifying our market needs, assessing the risk and allocating the necessary resources to succeed in each of our projects.

I particularly enjoy taking an important part in the writing of the content that appear in the different scientific communication channels which support our innovation. This requires substantial and detailed research and compilation skills in the field of dermo-cosmetics. This work ensures that our scientific approach and investment in R&D is communicated in the right way amongst our doctors and stakeholders. We believe that innovation is successful only if it is relevant and can be clearly understood, hence our strive to manage our innovation it in a straightforward way to ensure that it brings true added value to our customers.

As I often say, time flies when you are having fun, and my day unfolds quite fast, but there is a time period I particularly enjoy when I am through with work, and that’s when I am riding my motorbike back home from work at the end of the day. This time slot allows me to decompress before I get home to my family, plus, it is such a pleasure to ride a motorbike in the South of France ; the great weather and virtually constant nice weather all year round is another good reason to ride instead of driving to and from work.

Reporter : I am curious to know which factors prompted you to become an entrepreneur : not everyone chooses this path.

F.MONTCRIOL : Well, it is quite simple : as a professional and as an individual, I quickly become bored when I stay in my comfort zone ; routine and humdrum in a professional activity bore me to death ! I was quite naturally tempted to start my own business. Another motive is that I feel the need to shape my destiny and constantly learn and push my limits. In the words of a famous Formula One driver “when you’re in fully in control of the speed of a car, it means that you’re not driving fast enough”. Likewise, starting a business from scratch is pushing one’s own limits, and in the process gaining valuable and enriching new skills. Plus, starting a business is highly stimulating intellectually, there is never a dull moment !

Reporter : For some time now, NUNII has gained international exposure : there have been numerous official product launches in many parts of the world : What is in your view the main motive behind this international strategy ?

F.MONTCRIOL : Introducing our product lines throughout the world allows NUNII to directly interact with local professionals in the fast-growing sector of aesthetic medicine and dermatology, such as physicians for the purely medical part, and distributors on the business side. We have the opportunity to meet and share with leading professionals in our field worldwide ; this brings us valuable experience to better understand medical aesthetic practitioner’s needs and treatments or products that they would like us to develop.

This international approach is also very enriching for our innovation strategy as it influences on our thinking processes ; we do not stay stuck in our little corner of the world, however nice it may be. And we take advantage of such encounters to discover new markets and indications for our products. Another benefit is that we can gain a more defined understanding of the global market of dermo-cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. One of the direct consequences of such a strategy is that it allows us to meet potential business partners in other countries, and hence benefit from a broader international exposure for our brand on a par with larger actors in the dermocosmetics filed.

Reporter : You hold a degree in biology : why did you decide to also become a businessman and company founder ?

F.MONTCRIOL : Throughout my professional life, and much more so since the founding of NUNII, I have always wanted to make my humble contribution to the advancement of science and care to individuals. I also want to bring to the market – and to patients– products that are more efficient and which take dermatological care to newer dimensions. Again, this approach enables me to have a much more fulfilling professional life, since it pushes me beyond my comfort zone towards a deeper analysis and decision making on a daily basis. All of which impacts on my life in general, which for me makes for a much more enriching day-to-day life.