On an average, French people spend about one hour and twenty minutes every day on their social networks and related media a reflection of the vital role that social networks now play in our daily lives. These digital social networks have revolutionized the way in which we communicate. Social networking has become indispensable across all industries and sectors, particularly so in dermo-cosmetics field among medical practices, hospitals and clinics as well as laboratories. These social networks represent both a revolution and transformation from traditional medical forums which contribute to cultivating an interactive and collaborative approach to medical care in the 21st century.

The connection between doctors and social networks isn’t new ; doctors were among the early adopters of Facebook, which was the first large-scale, user friendly and readily accessible social media platforms. Facebook very quickly generated levels of user engagement when dealing with medical issues. Most plastic surgeons and doctors agree that their visibility has greatly benefited from the advent of Facebook and other social media as it enables them to communicate directly with their patients and also attract new patients to their medical practices.

Doctors continue to learn and improve on their digital marketing strategy in their medical practices. Market research has shown that the top 4 themes that patients enjoy discovering on the doctors’ social network pages are :

  1. Before-after photographs of surgical procedures implemented in practice
  2. Information and data pertaining to such procedures
  3. Video documents explaining the surgical procedures used by the surgeon
  4. Real and genuine patient testimonies

There are multiple patient benefits from using social networks in the fields of dermatology and plastic surgery. Namely patients can access information related to their specific condition, which then enables them in turn to communicate and better voice their opinions and exchange information and facts with other patients. Ultimately this allows them to plan and prepare prior to consultation with their medical skin specialist.  Patients are no longer spectators but have become active participants in their health management and improvement.

According to Niamh COGAN, the Marketing and Sales director, NUNII Laboratoire took the decision to develop its digital communication right from its inception, “NUNII desire is to anchor the values and objectives of the company through our digital communication and ensure that the growth development of NUNII is in tune with and employs the most up-to-date media and communication channels available. NUNII aims to address different players and patients at an international level, through centralised communication tools. The goal of such a strategy is twofold : to provide our partners and followers with high added-value contents on a regular basis and also to educate our website viewers and social network users, who are often patients, to distinguish, amongst the mindboggling and sometimes confusing range of dermo-cosmetic products available on the market

To be successful in this endeavour, NUNII Laboratoire communicates via 3 channels :

. First, our blog articles : NUNII posts a weekly article dealing with the latest news and essential facts pertaining to the dermo-cosmetics sector, featuring also the highlights of world events in dermo-cosmetics, along with the latest technological advances in the field of dermatology and biomedical research.

. Next is the “must have” Facebook page, via which NUNII posts its blog articles and communicates on the development of our company, not to mention posting testimonies with patients and doctors sharing their feedback and user experience.

. Last but not least, LINKEDIN, which is also an important vector of communication with dermatologists and professionals in the sector, which in turn creates enriching interactions with players in the dermo-cosmetics fields worldwide.

The numerous benefits digital communication brings to NUNII Laboratoire have shown that this daily contact with different players in the sector generates enriching interactions which cannot be achieved through conventional marketing channels. This digital strategy also enables NUNII’s to promote our partners and proudly acknowledge the high quality standards of the products or services that they provide.

NUNII will soon be present on Instagram in the meantime do not hesitate to share your feedback by posting your comments regarding our contents, and you may follow us on Facebook and on LinkedIn so as not to miss our latest activities and events.