NUNII has been exclusively selected among many other companies to be part of the ‘Réseau Entreprendre’, the French start-up booster. ‘Réseau Entreprendre’ (Entrepreneurial Network), is French state-accredited, non-profit private organization which helps foster start-up development.

This organisation is comprised of business directors, each expert in their field, whose main objective is to help foster the development of new start-ups, and whose focus is on the human facet of the projects that young entrepreneurs bring to the table. The values of its’ members highlight the commitment they have with the selected start-ups; which includes free mentoring, services and business advice and the concept of reciprocity, which is a core value of ‘Réseau Entreprendre’. The principal being that companies receiving support today will in turn offer their support to new start-ups tomorrow, this commitment ensures a solidarity continuum among young entrepreneurs. Réseau Entreprendre’ boasts 67 different office subsidiaries throughout France, and NUNII has been selected by the Côte d’Azur local branch, as one of the young promising companies and such has been awarded the ‘Réseau Entreprendre Côte D’Azur’high potential start-up’ label.

How does the ‘Réseau Entreprendre’ actually work ? The selected start-up companies are granted a 2-year customized mentoring by a senior and experienced business director. The awarding of the ‘Réseau Entreprendre’ label brings not only peer and industry recognition, it also enables companies to benefit from seed capital loans and the integration to a network of 350 leading French business owners, as well as access to an impressive network of 7,000 entrepreneurs and business professionals across France.

NUNII was chosen among a select number of applications – and is now actively involved in – the local ‘Réseau Entreprendre Côte D’Azur’ with offices in Nice and Sophia-Antipolis. In 2018 the ‘Réseau’ continues its strong growth dynamic and important contribution to the local economic fabric, helping to both attract and generate new business and employment in the region of the ALPES-CÔTE D’AZUR.

NUNII’s strong involvement and activity within the ‘Réseau Entreprendre Côte D’Azur’ is backed by Mr Gilles BELANGER, the former head of the Brazilian subsidiary of the renowned French medical lab, BioMERIEUX. Mr BELANGER is a skilled, competent and experienced mentor in the sector of corporate medical development and with whom NUNII management enjoy a valuable and productive collaboration.

This close connection between Réseau Entreprendre mentors and mentees is proof of the efficacy of this network; which represents a strong asset in NUNII’s commitment to continuous improvement and the development of its global business. This enriching exchange of best business practices is reflected in the growing R&D and business acumen that NUNII has been acquiring through its collaboration with Mr. BELANGER, but also with other business leaders within the Réseau Entreprendre Côte D’Azur’.

NUNII, wish to particularly thank the many experts and dedicated business directors from various industries who have generously shared their time and expertise over the months the Laboratoire has been part of the ‘Réseau Entreprendre’, this enriching experience represents yet another important stepping stone in the international growth of NUNII Laboratoire.