This week, our focus will be on the Dubai World Dermatology & Laser Conference & Exhibition one of the major events in the world of dermatology in the Middle East.

NUNII was present in partnership with our official distributor in the U.A.E. MEDWAY LLC. We would like to express a big thank you to its directors Mr Sami Abdel and Mr Malek Hamdan and their highly professional team for their warm welcome. MEDWAY is young dynamic and one of the fastest growing distributors in the U.A.E. representing leading brands such as Algeness, LPG SYSTEMS, TSK and RICHTER. Although NUNII is still in the final stages of registration in the U.A.E. before commercialisation, DUBAI DERMA was nevertheless a key opportunity for NUNII to meet and exchange experiences with NUNII Key opinion leaders and its new distribution partners throughout the region. NUNII innovative depigmenting treatment generated a significant interest among visitors at the MEDWAY booth.

DUBAI DERMA since its beginnings has become the leading global dermatology conference, encompassing the regions of the Middle-East, the North-African continent as well as the Indian subcontinent. It is therefore and unquestionably the dominant dermatology meeting hub in the middle east, hosting a variety of guest countries, all playing a significant role in the world of dermatology and skin care, including countries such as the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, to name but a few.

This year DUBAI DERMA place between the 19th and the 21st of March, and gathered numerous exhibitors from around the world with 15,000 visitors from 95 different countries worldwide. DUBAI DERMA is organized in co-operation with the Pan Arab League of Dermatologists (PALD), the AADA, or Arab Academy of Dermatology and Aesthetics, the dermatologists at the CCG, and also enjoys support from the Dubai Government through the Dubai health Authority (DHA). The sheer number and importance of the players involved are an indication of the importance of the annual event. DUBAI DERMA represents a unique opportunity for all aesthetic medicine professionals to keep up with the latest developments in skin care treatments and sharing of best practices.

DUBAI DERMA’s main theme in 2018 was “Skin Health is our Concern”. Dr. Ibrahim Galadari, one of the leading speakers and Head of the Dubai Derma Conference, gave the event a multi-directional impetus urging for higher practice standards for the professions in dermatology, and also for more stringent recommendations and guidelines for the use of appropriate cosmetics and skin care products. The Asian Dermatological Congress was one of the players which recently joined the long list of accreditors to the 2018 Dubai Derma another sign of the growing influence of DUBAI Derma as one of the major events in the world of dermatology on an international scale.

Highlights of the conference included a focus on medical practical case studies ; 2 full days were devoted to presenting case studies, and the professional dermatologists attending could actually discover a series of cases which were disclosed to the public via a stimulating and challenging skills competition. Among the different categories and awards were the following : best case study presentation, best published case study, most effectively diagnosed case by the attendees, treatment challenges, tricky case discussion and dermatological problem solving. The objective being to challenge medical professionals to exhibit their best expertise and foster the interest of the newer generation of younger dermatologists.

Finally, when considering the Middle-East and its surrounding regions, both ethnically and geographically, local populations are more severely exposed to the negative effects of UV radiation on the skin, which is mainly due to the climatic conditions and the fact that there is strong sunlight all year round. It is therefore no surprise that skin hyperpigmentation and melasma are ranked as the number one treatment concern among medical aesthetic practitioners in the region.

In recent years there is a growing demand from patients aspiring to lighter and more even toned skin complexions but without the risks or side effects associated with some of the existing treatments available on the market. This one of the main reasons which has encouraged NUNII to establish a stronghold in the region. Dubai Derma and JeddaDerm meetings are invaluable opportunities for NUNII to showcase our products lines and innovative know-how. NUNII will be celebrating its official and scientific launch in Dubai at the 3rd Middle East International Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine Organization Conference & Exhibition (MEIDAM) – The House of Dermatology, 4th – 6th October 2018.