In October 2017, NUNII Laboratoire was honored with the prestigous national ‘INPI Talent’ award for its unique innovation and growth potential. This prestigious award is granted to a select few companies by The French National Institute for Industrial Property or Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle. INPI is an independent state certifying organization which aims to protect innovative projects from a legal standpoint by filing and registering patents, brand names and / or pre-design inventions, both at national and international levels, as well as labelling innovative and high potential projects and ideas.

The French INPI operates under the tutelage of the French Ministry of Industrial Property, and is an active member of the World Intellectual Property Organization.
Each year INPI Talent nominates 20 particularly dynamic and innovative organizations, from a nationwide selection of both start-up and small and medium-size companies. The nominees are granted this prestigious award for their accomplishments, and obtain the label ‘INPI Talent’-accredited. Thanks to this accreditation NUNII Laboratoire will be actively accompanied in our growth along all our development phases by the INPI, via a privileged partnership with the French INPI and access to personalized services which are otherwise not available to other companies.

This award and partnership with INPI perfectly fits with the vision and DNA of NUNII which integrates research, innovation and intellectual property as part of our longterm strategy. This IP strategy goes hand-in hand to support and strengthen our fundamental research programme, the aim of which is to bring true innovation to the international aesthetic medicine market.

NUNII Laboratoire has filed a worldwide patent on our uniq-white complex with the French INPI, and has conducted a worldwide prior-right search, proof of its world uniqueness and part of our International Patent extension process. Thanks to our world unique formulation, the uniq white complex by NUNII, targets each step of the melanogenesis process, making it a highly efficient formulation to target melasma, lentigo and other aesthetic skin dyschromias.

NUNII Laboratoire is also building strong and reliable ties with other players in the regional and national business community, as exemplified by our participation in the INPI conference which took place in Marseille, France, in the Parc-Chanot Congress Center, on October 11th and entitled « Bouncing back from difficulties, being agile, using re-invention : Innovation through Corporate Differentiation ». This conference was hosted by Mrs. Elisabeth DELALANDE, Regional representative at the INPI in Marseille, Mr. Eric CATAPANO, local delegate to the INPI in Sophia-Antipolis, France, as well as Mr. Alain BARONI, Head of FRAMATECH.

During this expert event, NUNII Laboratoire was officially awarded the « INPI Talent » accreditation. This is a source of great pride and testifies to NUNII’s achievements, quality and potential. This award has brought NUNII the recognition of the business community, increased visibility, brand image valuation, and greater ease to grow in international markets. This industry recognition is a reflection of vast potential of NUNII not only for its international growth potential but also for its future investors and partners. Such awards of recognition of excellence drive NUNII Laboratoire and strengthen our pursuit and commitment to research and development, to develop new treatments and protocols to offer aesthetic medical professionals to meet and satisfy the need and desire of men and women to have healthier, beautiful skin.