NUNII continues its rapid growth and as part of its worldwide promotional tour participated at the exclusive Istanbul Aesthetic Forum 2018 (ISEF 2018) which took place between 16-19 February 2018 : (for more information, see This leading forum organised in collaboration with the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and the Turkish Dermatology Society, took place at the Hilton Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center 16-18th February 2018. This year’s focus was on “Minimal Invasif Treatment Courses”, “Non-surgical Aesthetic Practices” and “Aesthetic Injection Courses”.

NUNII was proud to participate at this event in partnership with its distributor INTEREST MEDIKAL (for more information, see This experienced and highly respected medical distributor also represents premium international brands such as Silkpeel, Yvoire, Algeness fillers et Dana lasers, to name a few.

According to the scientific director of INTEREST MEDIKAL, Pr. Ömer Buhşem “Pigmentation anomalies and disorders represent a true therapeutic challenge for dermatologists in Turkey. NUNII’s Uniq White Sytem is an ingenious and efficient treatment concept and is genuinely innovative compared to existing depigmenting treatments. We are convinced that this dermo-cosmetic product line is on the way to becoming the leading solution in depigmenting treatments in Turkey.”

Mrs Niamh Cogan President and co/founder of Nunii Laboratoire was one of four international guest speakers invited to give a scientific presentation and workshop during the 3 days conference. NUNII presented to attendees the science and clinical studies, from NUNII’s fundamental research programme, the foundations of the depigmenting mechanism of NUNII’s UNIQ-WHITE SYSTEM. Others international speakers included ; Dr. Joan Vandeputte – Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi (BELGIUM), Dr. Frederik Berne – Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi (SWEDEN) and Dr. Salvatore Fundaro -Plastik Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi (ITALY).

The ISEF congress is one of the most important annual medical aesthetic meetings of 2018 in Turkey, a country where medical and cosmetic tourism is a thriving to such an extent that Istanbul is fast becoming the European capital of medical tourism. Each year, the country welcomes approximately 250,000 foreign medical tourists. Interestingly, the volume of tourists grew four-fold between 2005 and 2010, to reach today’s impressive number of visitors. Turkey advises and trains representatives and professionals from 23 different countries in the medical and cosmetic sectors: these are skin care professionals who wish to develop the dermo-cosmetic markets in their respective countries.

Why such an amazing success ? First, the quality of care provided in Turkey is outstanding, and the technologies and equipment used is cutting-edge ; then the number of certified clinics which provide such treatments is the highest in the EU. Such certifications are granted whenever the clinics comply with the stringent rules the American-based JCI has established (Joint Commission International). This certification body is in charge of evaluating the quality of clinic infrastructure and health service at worldwide scale.

As a result, Turkey and its labelled clinics offer a large range of dermo-cosmetic options and amenities, ranging from the basis ones to the most sophisticated skin care treatments. In addition to the high-quality services provided in Turkey, one must bear in mind that to date, the overall costs for such dermo-cosmetic treatments have remained extremely competitive when compared with those suggested in the rest of Europe ; the value for money is thus still a very appealing factor for those wishing to be treated dermatologically in the country. Moreover, Turkey as a whole is strategically well-located, since the country is readily accessible from numerous foreign countries : 40 leading cities worldwide are less than 4 hours’ flight away from Turkey.

Turkey’s growing renown as a hub of excellence in aesthetic medicine means that it is a market of special importance to NUNII. In addition, Turkey’s has a thriving population, robust economic growth and a wide array of ethnic groups with different skin types who suffer from a significantly high rate of skin pigmentation problems due in part to Turkey’s warm sunny climate. All of these factors combined mean that there is high demand and a bright future for innovative and safe treatments such as NUNII’s Uniq-White depigmenting treatment system.

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