NUNII was present at two not to be missed events at the start of the aesthetics calendar year ; IMCAS, International Master Course on Aging Science which took place in Paris, France from 1st-3rd February 2018 and the 21st SIES, the International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, which took place in Bologna, Italy from the 24th-26th February 2018.

IMCAS PARIS is unquestionably one of the reference European aesthetic medicine congresses. It is largely dedicated to plastic surgeons and dermatologists, and the main advantage of this event over others is that it seeks to build bridges between the 2 aesthetic specialists ; by facilitating communication and awareness between plastic surgeons and dermatologists. In that respect, the 20th edition of this event was truly a valuable demonstration of the sharing of best practices between these two medical disciplines.

In recent years IMCAS has become a leading event regarding scientific communication and debate on skin aging. On this 20th anniversary, over 8,000 members attended the congress, from 85 countries, and over 250 companies and organizations exhibited their latest product launches. During this 3 day event, doctors and aesthetic medicine industry specialists exchanged ideas and debated about new cultural changes in the industry, on business management practices and their appropriateness, as well as on the future trends the markets. The objective being to identify and understand the future growth areas in the coming years in the sector of dermo-cosmetic and plastic surgery.

IMCAS 2018 was another outstanding success, the event drew a significant increase in delegate participation compared to 2017, which reflects the strong dynamic of aesthetic medicine industry worldwide. NUNII was present at the event which provided a wonderful opportunity for the Laboratoire to meet with its key practitioners and selected distributors, which were also present for the occasion. The topic of skin pigmentation disorders was addressed extensively during several sessions in the talks and debates : this therapeutic challenge was confirmed by professionals in the field as one of the top 3 patient treatment requests among dermatologists and plastic surgeons, yet remains one of the most challenging skin problems to treat.

Needless to say, NUNII will be one of the sponsoring exhibitors at IMCAS PARIS 2019. As for 2018, the next IMCAS AMERICAS congress will take place this year in Cartagena de Indias, COLOMBIA between the 15th and the 17th of March 2018. Make sure you will be there or follow us on our webpage !

The second noteworthy event in the NUNII calendar to take place in Europe was the 21st SIES, which took place from the 23rd and the 25th of February in Bologna, Italy, and was organized by the Società Italiana di Medicina e Chirurgia Estetica , which is the dominant event in terms of cosmetic surgery and dermatology in Italy.

This event coincides with the launch of NUNII Italia, which represents yet another milestone in the global expansion of NUNII Laboratoires. NUNII was proud to present its scientific workshop and practical demonstration in collaboration with Dr Egidi, Plastic Surgeon Rome Italy. During this congress various aspects of the profession were also presented ; from purely clinical issues to legal and regulatory aspects of the profession. New this year was the organisation of live webinars direct from operating rooms in the MULTIMED clinic, this provided quality conferences devoted to peeling techniques and procedures.

The Italian market of plastic surgery and dermo-cosmetics has many similitudes to the French market, ranking second in Europe after France in terms of the number dermo-cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures both invasive and non-invasive, with a highly skilled and experienced pool of aesthetic medicine doctors. Italy therefore represents a key strategic market for NUNII in Europe. NUNII’s participation at the SIES in 2018 represents an important stepping stone in its expansion strategy in the region. NUNII will continue its programme of regional workshops and congresses in Italy throughout 2018.

Should you wish to contact the Italian team at NUNII for further information, you need to contact Chiara via email or phone at: +3486245971 and follow us on NUNII FACEBOOK ITALIA !