NUNII is extremely proud to announce the launch of the Expert Pigment Corrector patient version, the ideal product for patients seeking a skin lightening cream which can be used at home, on daily basis, long term. Such innovative professional grade formulation represents a viable long-term homecare skin lightening maintenance treatment.

The Launch of the Expert Pigment Corrector for Patients was the logical next step in the development of NUNII’s product line which was premiered at the 22nd edition of IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science), which took place between January 30th, and February 1st in Paris.

The need for such a product came from NUNII’s existing users, some of whom don’t have the time or resources to embark on a full in-clinic protocol with professional peelings many were still seeking a topical solution that they could adapt to their own busy lifestyles without the need to take time off work. The need was also expressed by patients who having finished a NUNII professional treatment protocol with their dermatologist wanted the possibility to maintain the improvements they had achieved in-clinic.

The skin pigmentation problems that Expert Pigment Corrector addresses

Today, the scientific community unanimously agree that many skin pigmentation disorders and in particular Melasma – is a chronic lifetime affliction. Although this disorder is known to fade naturally in rare instances, in most cases it flares up punctually throughout the year, with more breakouts during the summer or in periods of stress.

The chronic nature of pigmentation which requires long term maintenance treatment was a determining factor that prompted NUNII to develop Expert Pigment Corrector- to provide patients with a much safer alternative to the widespread use of Hydroquinone in most skin lightening treatments.

It is worth noting that Hydroquinone is the most widely used active ingredient both in prescription and non- prescription creams worldwide and remains popular because patients often seek a quick and inexpensive solution to treat their skin pigmentation problems. In a significant number of cases, repeated and/or prolonged use of HA-based skin lightening solutions may result in serious health complications such as a worsening or darkening of the pigmentation, thinning of the skin, burst blood vessels, and heightening skin sensitivity to topical creams as well as UV sunlight. Sadly, many discover this harsh reality from personal experience and often when often irreversible side effects appear. Due to the chronic nature of pigmentation disorders such as Melasma, pigmentation returns in 90% of cases one skin bleaching agents are stopped, therefore making the benefits of using ingredients such as Hydroquinone short-lived, while its long term is not a healthy viable option for the skin.

Expert Pigment Corrector’s ease of use and effectiveness

NUNII’s Expert Pigment Corrector is the ideal compromise, it is designed for men and women, of all skin colours and even darker skin types – seeking a safer, healthier skin lightening treatment which can be used all year and on a long-term basis, to improve and manage chronic skin pigmentation. The Expert Pigment Corrector product line helps target and effectively reduce conspicuous, unwanted dark spots, pigmentation and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. When used as instructed, it is suitable for all skin types and for patients whose skin is no longer able to tolerate irritating ingredients such as Hydroquinone or kojic acid. The Expert Pigment Corrector is non-toxic and well tolerated making it ideal for long term use.

In addition, what makes the use of Expert Pigment Corrector extremely convenient for individuals to use at home is that it can be applied to the face or any part of the body, although it should not be used on mucous membranes or areas. But generally speaking, it can be used on most body areas where patients wish to reduce and manage unwanted chronic pigmentation.

Expert Pigment Corrector and its invaluable benefits

Expert Pigment Corrector is to provide an alternative to patients having tried and tested just about every skin lightening cream on the market, and who are disappointed with existing products, which range from effective but toxic to expensive with unsatisfactory results.

The Expert Pigment Corrector patient cream offers peace of mind. It is not a skin bleaching cream, rather a skin lightening cream which respects the cell viability of the melanocytes and surrounding keratinocytes: independent clinical studies have shown that Expert Pigment Corrector lightens the skin gradually, typically over a 30-to-60-day period. Of course, the time frame is indicative, as results will vary from patient to patient. The action triggered by Expert Pigment Corrector is not as dramatic or fast-acting as Hydroquinone: whereas Hydroquinone is cytotoxic and works by destroying the melanocytes which produce the skin pigmentation, Expert Pigment Corrector respects the skins melanocytes, is non- toxic and instead of destroying the pigment producing cells, brings in several active ingredients which gently help regulate the production of melanin. Expert Pigment Corrector is therefore much better tolerated by the skin and can be used over several months, without weakening or damaging the skin.

The Expert Pigment Corrector is that the cream does not contain any dangerous or controversial ingredients or drug classified ingredients. It is legally classified as a non-prescription cosmetic in all countries worldwide, such as in the US, Europe and Asia.

Getting down to the heart of the Expert Pigment Corrector cream

NUNII’s patented Expert Pigment Corrector contains a unique patented complex of 10 active ingredients which act on multiple levels of the production of pigmentation in the skin and help lighten the skin. The ingredients are listed below.

There are exfoliating agents (Retinol A, Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid) which help exfoliate and remove the melanin-filled skin cells, then antioxidants (such as Resveratrol, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide) whose functions are to counteract the skin’s oxidation process, in which free radicals play a significant role.

The cream also contains anti-inflammatory compounds, including Enoxolone, which is used to counteract the inflammatory component of hyperpigmentation and to soothe the skin, as well as down regulators or inhibitors of melanogenesis, such as Alpha Arbutin, Glabridin and Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine: which help slow down the production of the melanin pigment. It is also important to note that the formulation is  fragrance-free, paraben free, and – as mentioned above – Hydroquinone and steroid free.

As demonstrated by the launch of Expert Pigment Corrector, NUNII continues to innovate to provide patients with products which simply and safely solve skin pigmentation problems and lighten the skin, while taking the utmost care of skin health long term. Thanks to continuous efforts, NUNII is bringing new solutions to effectively improve the comfort quality of life and the well-being of its patients for whom unwanted skin pigmentation has a significant psychological impact on their lives.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding NUNII’s Expert Pigment Corrector or any other NUNII product, please contact us via our website or our Facebook page, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining to our products or products lines.