Nunii’s involvement in Corporate Social responsibilityAs we all know it by now, not every product labelled as ‘organic’ is necessarily clinically efficient. Likewise, in the medical and aesthetic medicine sector, very few products or brands go hand in hand with the principles of sustainable development. Nunii is one of a new generation of global brands which thanks to the relentless commitment from its founders since its origins, has striven to integrate its products and manufacturing processes within a long term sustainable development project.

Nunii’s strong will to set up and adhere to important sustainable commitments is clearly noticeable through the words of Nunii’s co-founder, Mr. François MONTCRIOL : “We feel deeply responsible for our actions as entrepreneurs :  We try to reach the best possible results starting from our R&D right the way through all the processes we use to manufacture our products and ultimately the ways to make our products accessible to our clients. At our small level, we wish to contribute to the betterment of commercial relationships in the world we share. Our sustainable ethos permeates all the decisions we make in the way we have developed Nunii over the years. We belong to the newer generation of companies and entrepreneurs, for whom taking care of our entire economic and environmental ecosystems virtually comes as second nature.“

“Customers today expect and demand more social responsibility in research and development and business practices of the products that they choose. This expectation extends beyond our role as entrepreneurs, we as company founders are also are mother’s and father’s to the children of the next generation ; we are therefore very conscious of the fact that we can no longer think short term or just in our lifetime. This is why we choose to develop our products without compromising the possibility for our children’s generation to also grow and live in harmony in a sustainable and healthy environment. ”

François adds with conviction : “Lastly, Nunii’s co-founder Niamh COGAN and myself have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the world during our careers ; this has enriched and influenced our views. It cannot be ignored that in some parts of the world, for various reasons, some populations are not as attentive to sustainable commitments as we are here in Europe and in particular at Nunii. We at NUNII believe that we have a moral duty to communicate on this aspect of our business development. We are truly and deeply concerned with humankind’s impact on the global environment ; we can no longer afford to think egotistically or short-term : such values resting on economic self-centeredness are outdated. Through our corporate commitments, we at NUNII wish to show our customers and public that we are deeply committed to these new values and aim to make our contribution for the generations to come.”

As a rule of thumb, the fundamental principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) encompass several key aspects in business in general such as a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. Companies express this citizenship in various ways, through their waste and pollution reduction processes, by contributing to educational and social programs or by ensuring fair and adequate returns on the employed resources for all actors in the chain.

 Some concrete examples of CSR include endeavours to reduce packaging to its simplest expression, and logically select packaging that is FSC-compliant (Forest Stewardship Council), which guarantees sustainable wood-based products production (such as paper and cardboard) and also ensures fair wages to employees working in these industries. CSR principles also warrant other important features for management, such as : work-life balance and guarantee that no professional meeting is scheduled outside regular work hours. Nunii fully adheres to such principles, and consequently carefully selects and works with its partners along such criteria. NUNII Laboratoire can now certify that its suppliers and manufacturing units are all committed to following such guidelines, and this was achieved tangibly with the signature of written CSR commitments when Nunii approached them to initiate business partnerships.

Nunii’s commitment to CSR at a glance :

  • No children are allowed to work in any way in the manufacturing units producing the base active ingredients for Nunii. The Laboratoire has since the very start of the company utterly forbidden any form of child labor in the countries where the primary materials or components of NUNII products are sourced.
  • Nunii forbids any sort of discrimination among the workforce producing ingredients for the company : no employee should be barred from working for Nunii on grounds of gender, religion, ethnic origin, handicap, or sexual orientation, to name but a few.
  • Likewise, workers cannot be forced into working or doing overtime hours beyond work contract specifics, or work without receiving unemployment or medical coverage, and all hygiene regulations must be strictly followed by Nunii’s partners even outside of Europe. The same goes for pay and maximum scheduled hours over a given period of time.

In this way Nunii endeavours to combine cutting-edge R&D to deliver the best possible products and treatments in skin care and dermo-cosmetics, but never at the expense of compromising environmental corporate or social responsibilities. Through its tangible actions, Nunii’s commitment to sustainable practices makes it unique in the field of aesthetic medicine. And as NUNII Laboratoire grows so too will the level and implementation of the NUNII CSR commitments throughout all levels of its business activities.