Following the in vivo study of the UNIQ WHITE SYSTEM in the treatment of melasma, hyperpigmentation and darks pots on a selected group of volunteers, NUNII Laboratoire embarked on a series a of user-case studies with patients matching the challenges any dermatologist or aesthetic physician is typically faced with in their daily practice.

One such user case study was conducted by Doctor Marielle MAGNANI, an aesthetic plastic surgeon and dermo-cosmetic practitioner, whose clinic is located in Valbonne, a town located in Provence, between the cities of Cannes and Nice, a few miles inland from the French Riviera. In her clinic, Dr. MAGNANI provides her patients with dermatological advice, and leading skin care treatments, all of which are targeted towards helping patients regain a healthier younger looking skin.

Doctor MAGNANI’s patient case-study with UNIQ WHITE commenced in mid-October 2017, the ideal period for depigmenting treatments. It proved to be an enriching experience and success for all involved. At the end of the 56 day protocol all of the patients were overwhelmingly satisfied with the NUNII product experience and treatment protocol used by Dr MAGNANI.  The results were quickly visible; and all the patients unanimously agreed on how simple the UNIQ WHITE System is to use and how truly well-tolerated the products are.

The patients reported how easy it was for them to follow the homecare protocol as the steps are not constraining at all, which is no surprise, considering that the NUNII protocol is much shorter and easier than most other treatment protocols currently on the market. This represents an added advantage for the dermatologist since there is less risk of patients giving up the protocol halfway through treatment.

Véronique :

“I do not take care of my skin”, she admits “I love to fall asleep in the middle of the pool in summer, floating about on an air mattress, while not using any sun protection. So inevitably dark spots eventually appeared on my skin” she confesses, “I did go through laser treatment I wanted the brown spots to disappear, but it turned out to be so painful. This treatment was a more gentler treatment and so much easier to follow, I am delighted with the results”.

The level of efficiency of the UNIQ WHITE SYSTEM treatment itself on the reduction of Melasma and dark spots, was rated very high by the patients, as a noticeable improvement was visible after only the first week of treatment.

Tania :

“My dark spots were far from being aesthetic ; I hoped the laser treatment would slow down the development process of the pigmentation I have on different parts of my face, but I finally gave up on that option. The NUNII treatment protocol is surprisingly easy to follow : it is composed of four different peeling sessions carried out at the doctor’s office. As soon as the doctor applied the NUNII product on my skin I really felt that it was working, from the sensation I had on my skin. What was impressive is that I started to see a very noticeable improvement in my dark spots quite quickly, it’s amazing the see how much NUNII has helped my skin”.

The pace of the improvement in the reduction skin pigmentation both excited and motivated the patients to continue with the treatment to the end. This positive patient experience has also motivated Dr. MAGNANI to write a NUNII case study report which she intends to publish in one of the leading French dermatology reviews.