The National Congress of Dermatology, the largest national, annual dermatology meeting in the country, took place from the 6th-8th October 2017 in the city of Brasov, in Romania. During this event organized by the Romanian Society of Dermatology (SRD.RO ), and Dr. Alin NICOLESCU its General Secretary, more than one thousand dermatologists from all over the country gathered to share their experiences and expertise. The scenic city of Brasov is located in the Transylvania region of Romania, and surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. It is famous for the quality of its environment and for its medieval Saxon walls, as well as for its baroque and renaissance architecture.

In parallel to this congress, on October 5th 2017, a full « Expert Day » symposium was organized by the medical aesthetic and medspa provider and distributor ‘See. Try. Buy’, which gathered 120 participants from all over Romania. This Expert Day marked the launch of NUNII Laboratoire in Romania with our new partner ‘See Try Buy’, one of the most famous and renowned distributors of dermo-cosmetic products and treatments in Romania. ‘See Try Buy’ boasts highly qualified and respected team members with strong expertise and experience in the field of dermo-cosmetics. The company also has at its disposal a full range of clinics with laser-treatment facilities, and work in close collaboration with leading dermatologists and medical professionals in the Romanian market.

‘See Try Buy’ has proudly added the NUNII product range to its existing portfolio of world leading brands in the dermo-cosmetics field ; TEOXANE Hyaluronic Acid, CANFIELD imaging systems and CYNOSURE lasers and DERMAPEN to name just a few.

Dr. Stefan Neagu Sadoveanu, Managing Partner at ‘SeeTryBuy’: “As is the case with all the brands that we represent, we chose to work with NUNII from the choice of many other international skin brands, as our desire is to offer our doctors in Romania, gold standard treatments and world leading solutions, to fill the current unfulfilled need of doctors and patients for effective pigmentation treatments. We believe that NUNII has significant potential and is on course to becoming, the industry leader in terms of scientific research and innovation in the treatment of aesthetic pigmentation disorders. We believe that NUNII has an exciting and bright future not only in Romania but internationally as pigmentation is a worldwide problem.”

NUNII is very proud to be positioned alongside these world leading dermatology brands, to bring to Romania our unique treatment against lentigo, melasma and dark spots. From the depigmentation action with UNIQ-WHITE® EXPERT PIGMENT CORRECTOR to the repair & regenerate action with UNIQ-WHITE® REVITACTIV ENERGIZING DAY CREAM, and finally the soothe & protection action with UNIQ-WHITE® INRECOV SOOTHE & PROTECT SPF15. Hyperpigmentation problems are targeted efficiently, with this product line which is formulated excluding known controversial and irritating ingredients and making it suitable for sensitive treated skins.

Uniq-White System, the revolutionary 3-step treatment by NUNII, offers a safer more effective treatment than other competitor products currently available on the market. Uniq-White System is backed by a fundamental research programme and clinical studies conducted by independent French research laboratories. During the ‘Expert Day’ in Brasov, doctors showed keen interest in the Uniq White System and shared many questions to learn more about the treatment possibilities. Such a conducive atmosphere has set the basis for a strong collaboration and interaction between the NUNII and its future users and ambassadors. The experts who presented during the Expert day included Mrs Niamh Cogan, President of NUNII, Dr. Mihaela LEVENTER, Founder of the Leventer Centre ; Dr. Dorina DONICI, General director of A SWISS GROUP and Dr. Dana MIRICIOUIU, from See. Try. Buy.

The introduction of the NUNII product line and treatment in Romania marks a significant step in our company’s international development and positions NUNII in true synergy with other existing dermo-cosmetic treatments such as dermal filler injections, dermapen and laser-based protocols or thread facelift procedures.