Nunii by Novelskin

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nunii a fusion of new and unique, evoking the beautiful simplicity and purity behind our brand. Our logo resembling the form of atom or molecule reflects the breadth of science and clinical precision that informs the creation of our products.
We work with an international network of world leading experts in research and development, clinical research and regulatory, to bring to market our range of innovative medical devices and dermo-cosmetics. of our products.

The science

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Scientific Partnership
NUNII LABORATOIRE has its own internal fundamental research program to study the human genes involved in melanogenesis, acne, and skin redness to identify new treatment pathways and develop new world-exclusive molecules.


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Scientifically proven results

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in-vitro study
Comparative study of UNIQ-WHITE® Complex on depigmenting properties. Study performed by an accredited1 French Laboratory on Reconstructed Pigmented Human Epidermis (RPHE) phototype 5. Results obtained after 10 days compared to the non-treated RPHE.

in-vivo study
Clinical assessment of the depigmenting, texturing properties and tolerance of the UNIQ-WHITE® System. Study performed on 22 volunteers with melasma and lentigo for a period of 56 days2.


of the volunteers
showed improvement


maximum reduction
of the melanin index3


average reduction
of the melanin index

Depigmenting properties melanin index
Statistically significant improvement in the reduction of the melanin
index – p<0.00001 after a period of 56 days2.

skin texturing properties
The statistical analysis shows a significant improvement in skin firmness and tensing effect.


average reduction in skin laxity
after 28 days4

D 0

D +28 DAYS

Fringe Projection
The reappareance of the skin micro-relief with discrete primary and secondary lines intersecting at regular intervals, is a good indicator of the improved quality of the underlying organization of the skin tissue.

Dermatological evaluation of the tolerance



Self evaluation of the volunteers

pucePerception of the subjects about the protocol

  1. The homecare protocol is easy to use 89%

pucePerception of the subjects about the results

  1. I think that skin complexion is more homogeneous 78%
  2. I think that my pigmented spots have decreased in number and size 67%
  3. I think that my skin is more luminous 78%
  4. I think this treatment meets my expectations as regards the results 67%