It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our new Blog on the NUNII Laboratoire website.

With this weekly blog, updated every Tuesday, from this month onwards, we will present to you the highly innovative and cutting-edge depigmenting product range that we at NUNII Laboratoire have been carefully developing here in the French Riviera. Aesthetics and innovation is embedded in the very the DNA and network of NUNII Laboratoire, which is situated in the fascinating town of GRASSE, at the crossroads between Sophia Antipolis; France’s own mini Silicone Valley; Nice with its world famous medical academic R&D centres and Cannes and Monaco the playgrounds for the rich and image conscious.

In keeping with our values of passion, integrity and a commitment to excellence, NUNII Laboratoire boasts an ambitious Research and Development programme with the team U1065 of the Mediterranean centre for molecular medicine, in Nice, on the mechanisms regulating melanogenesis, to bring true innovation to the aesthetic medicine market. With its uniq-White Complexe, patented pending worldwide, NUNII Laboratoire holds a breakthrough skin treatment system targeted at helping the image-conscious individuals who wish to effectively solve skin hyperpigmentation problems due to – for example -post-pregnancy complications, sun exposure and/or natural skin ageing.

All our NUNII skin treatment products are exclusively distributed by medical professionals, an approach which obviously speaks for the quality of the treatments we develop, and also their reliability, since many professionals in the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery have already entrusted us to be their privileged partner in helping individuals wishing to minimize their skin hyperpigmentation problems.

NUNII Laboratoire skin treatment successfully targets hyperpigmentation skin problems by attenuating skin disorders such as lentigo, melasma or dark spots. The treatment we have designed consists of a straightforward 2-month, 3-step protocol to depigment the affected area of skin, be it on the face, decollete, hands or body ; in areas where skin hyperpigmentation frequently occurs. One of the additional strengths of the NUNII Laboratoire is that we limit the use of controversial and irritating ingredients, privileging only active ingredients that are clinically proven to be safe. This means that our skin products are suitable for all skin types and complexions, without the risk of unwanted side effects or irritations.

In this blog, over the course of the following weeks and months, we will let you in on the science behind NUNII Laboratoire’s product innovations and other informative articles to enable you get to know and discover more about the NUNII environment and treatment breakthroughs in dealing with hyperpigmentation skin problems.  We will feature interviews with feedback from leading doctors worldwide who will share their objective opinions and experience on how they effectively use and combine the NUNII treatment System as part of their global treatment offer. We will also have guest contributors from the industry professionals, all of whom work on the sidelines and upstream in driving the innovation and quality standards in the industry in general.

Once you have discovered the NUNII Laboratoire skin products and tested them for yourself, maybe having tried many other creams or treatments unsuccessfully, you too will finally be able to find a solution for those unattractive and unsightly skin hyperpigmentation problems.

This blog has been designed primarily for you, the reader. Do make a habit of visiting it and feel free to comment and share your opinions with us; this is a great opportunity for you to provide us with feedback on your user experience of NUNII products. You may also follow us on our facebook page or on Linkedin.

We will be delighted to welcome you again to our blog next week, and throughout the year. Do do not forget to visit our website to keep abreast of all the latest updates.